Guide to summer soccer camps in Europe or how to choose a children's soccer camp: 8 destinations for your child's professional experience 

Summer is just around the corner - it's time to think about which soccer camp to send your player to this year. We offer you an overview of soccer camps in Europe from SportCampTravel - a direct agent of sports camps, clubs and academies around the world. Some camps operate not only during the summer school vacation, and you can send your child to a soccer camp not only in the summer, but throughout the year.

The Great Britain

If you want to send your child specifically to England in the summer, it is without a doubt worth going to the Manchester City soccer camp.
The camp helps to improve a soccer player's game and get a vision of the game. During the camp, the player will get a complete idea of what he needs to work on in the future. Also, girls are accepted in this camp.
The specifics of England soccer camps are as follows: in general, if you send a player to England, remember the main goal - it is soccer, and there is no need to pay attention to accommodation. With accommodation, the player will get a feel for good old England. Manchester City soccer camp is an exception, the accommodation here is close to perfect as the players live at the academy base.
The upshot: excellent weather conditions (no heat) and good training for all levels of players, as well as the opportunity to learn English.
Age: boys 9-17 years old, girls 12-17 years old
Level of training: intermediate, above intermediate, advanced.
Benefits: excellent weather conditions, language courses, intensive soccer training with Manchester City academy coaches.
Please note: Plan your trip in advance.
Camp price: from £1,120 per week


The Milan Football Camp is organized by the world soccer grand club of the same name. However, the camp was not designed to train top level players. The level of players is beginner, intermediate and above average, but not for professionals. This is a summer camp for recreation, meeting new kids who are passionate about soccer and learning soccer.
Milan soccer camp is hosted at three bases.
End of June 3 weeks soccer camp "Milan" takes place in the mountains. The town of Cortina d'Ampezzo is surrounded by the majestic Dolomite Alps, which add beauty to its unique and world famous valley, and attracts tourists from all over the world. Players are accommodated in the 4-star Hotel Domina Alaska, located in the city center. Playing field: Antonella De Rigo Municipal Stadium.
Mid-July 2 weeks Milan Football Camp opens its second camp in Jesolo on the seaside.
After Rimini, the resort town of Jesolo is Italy's most famous beach on the Adriatic Sea. It is located just 20 km from Venice and 10 km from Marco Polo airport: a real paradise for tourists, with a coastline of over 15 km, magnificent beaches, stores, playgrounds, hotels, golf clubs and the wonderful Aqualandia Aquapark! Hotel accommodation: Tokio 3*
Playing field: Stadium "Armando Picci".
The third camp "Milan" will be organized from the end of July to the beginning of August also at the sea, which gives the opportunity to relax the whole family while the child is engaged in soccer.
Lignano is one of the most elegant resorts of the Venetian Riviera. It is located 90 km northeast of Venice, on the Adriatic coast.
The abundance of greenery, magnificent pine parks, wonderful climatic conditions, calm and clean sea, gentle coast with sandy beaches have made this resort one of the most popular for family vacations with children. It is here that the best children's camps in Italy are located. In Lignano there is an aqua park and a small luna park, tennis courts, golf courses and sports complexes, riding school. Boating and pedal boating are possible on the beach.
Milan Junior Camp will be held here in the beautiful Jetur Sports Camp, which consists of 13 facilities on 60 hectares of land, surrounded by pine trees. The village has a gymnasium, swimming pool and excellent soccer fields.
Age: 8-15 years old
Level of training: players are beginner, intermediate and above intermediate
Advantages: in the mountains - excellent weather conditions, camp on the sea, very good camp organization
Please note: long transfer to Cortina D`Ampezzo.
Camp price: 1615 Euro for 2 weeks


In France you have the opportunity to visit 3 top soccer schools: the Bernard Bosquier Soccer Camp and the Bordeaux Football Club Soccer Camp, PSG Soccer Academy.
Bernard Bosquier Soccer Camp
Bernard Bosquier is a famous French soccer player, defender, and functionary. He played for Olympique Marseille and the French national team. During his career in the national team, which lasted 8 years, played in the uniform of the main team of the country 42 matches, scoring 3 goals.
Mr. Bosquier has been organizing a summer camp in Marseille since 1981. During the years of development, the camp has achieved great success and popularity. A small disadvantage of this camp is its remoteness from the international airport, you will have to spend a little more time on the road.
Age: 10-17 years
Training level: above average, advanced
Advantages: intensive training
Note: distance from the international airport
Camp price: 1410 Euros for 2 weeks
Bordeaux Soccer Camp
If you are a more professional soccer player and want to improve your skills, the Bordeaux soccer camp is the place to go. During the vacation period, players are accepted there only if the player has presented a certificate that he is training at a soccer club in his country. Another point of enrollment in the soccer camp "Bordeaux" - knowledge of the French language. Since 80% of the players are French, the lessons are conducted in French.
Age: 10-15 years
Training level: above average, advanced
Advantages: intensive training
Note: knowledge of French
Camp price: 1570 euros for 2 weeks
Another academy with a professional approach to soccer. The soccer camp is organized on the basis of a professional team PSG.
Age: 13-18 years
Level of training: above average, higher
Benefits: intensive training
Camp price: 1570 euros for 2 weeks


There are many pro soccer camps to attend in Spain. But we all know that Spain has two centers of power, Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Real Madrid soccer camp is organized at a very good level. Classes are organized on a two-level system: top and middle level.
Players of the middle level live and train at the base of Real Madrid outside the city.
The highest level is based at the university. Only players from the club are taken to the highest level. It is necessary to present a certificate that the player plays for the club. In the middle level go fans of "Real" fans of soccer.
These two camps are on different bases, so it is necessary to determine the levels in advance. If possible, the players of the main team "Real Madrid" try to visit the camp and communicate with young footballers.
Age: average level - from 10 to 16 years old, the highest - from 9 to 18 years old.
Level of training: beginner, intermediate, above average, top level.
Advantages: opportunity to see Real Madrid players
Pay attention: strict daily schedule, free time children are busy socializing and playing in the team.
Camp price: from 1360 euros (intermediate level) for 2 weeks; 1860 euros (higher level) for 2 weeks.
In Barcelona, in addition to the FC Barcelona soccer camp, the Marcet Football Academy has been operating year-round for many years.
The academy is named after the founder - footballer Javier Marset (ex-footballer of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Espanyol), and has been working since 1978.
The academy is located directly in the city itself, it has its own facilities: soccer fields (there was a renovation of the fields in 2017), a residence, a gym and a swimming pool.
Marcet Soccer Academy organizes summer intensive courses for all ages from 3 years old to 21 years old. For each year it is possible to participate in an international tournament on certain dates. Besides the basic training, there are additional services: new techniques, technical analysis of the game. At the end of the course players are provided with a report. Unlike other soccer camps, parents can attend training sessions. Soccer camp is more suitable for club kids because of its intensity.
Age: from 3 years old to 21 years old
Training level: beginner, intermediate, above intermediate, advanced.
Advantages: intensive training, participation in international tournaments, annual program, camp from 3 years old, parental access to training sessions
Note: camp for those who live soccer
Trip price: from 1130 euros for 2 weeks


There are excellent options for developing your child's soccer skills in Lisbon, which is home to two competing soccer camps: Sporting and Benfica.
Both camps are hosted by club academies and offer intensive training. There is no day program, only accommodation.
The main difference is that we recommend Sporting for younger players and Benfica for older players. Sporting has over 70% of its players from Portugal, while Benfica is a full international camp.
Age: 10-15 years
Training level: elementary, intermediate, above average
Advantages: training at the base and with Sporting academy coaches.
Please note: the camp program is accommodation only, registration starts at the end of April, 70% of players from Portugal.
Trip price: from 820 euros for 1 week

Age: 11-18 years old
Training level: average, above average, professional
Advantages: training at the base and with coaches of Benfica academy
Please note: only with accommodation
Trip price: 2300 euros for 2 weeks
Whichever soccer camp in Europe you choose - everywhere will have its pros and cons. In each country the player will have to get used to the food, communication in a foreign language, and the specifics of training.
If you plan to send young children (under 10 years old), we would advise you to go with them. Choose a day training program, as experience shows that at this age it is hardest to be away from parents.
All of these soccer camps give kids the opportunity to improve their soccer skills, gain confidence, see their favorite players, expand their soccer and life horizons, as well as relax while playing sports and making new friends from all over the world.