Guide to summer soccer camps in Europe or how to choose a children's soccer camp: 8 destinations for your child's professional experience

Summer is just around the corner - it's time to think about which soccer camp to send your player to this year. We offer you an overview of soccer camps in Europe from SportCampTravel - a direct agent of sports camps, clubs and academies around the world. Some camps operate not only during the summer school vacation, and you can send your child to a soccer camp not only in the summer, but throughout the year.
Choosing a tennis academy in Europe 
Today in Europe there are many tennis academies and camps from large and big name tennis academies to mini clubs. Do not rely only on the name of the player. A tennis business is not an easy process to set up, it takes years to establish a facility, find an experienced head coach who can manage the training process, a good physical trainer and also involve people who are tennis related and understand tennis.
Some small clubs can also compete well with the big academies. On the advantage - small number of players and low prices for training, but the clubs have a problem in helping to open a visa for a long period of time, accommodation, etc.